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Sun, Aug. 15th, 2004, 05:48 pm
wolfechu: (no subject)

After vaguely worrying and/or being irritated as to why Aardwolf has been down for the last hour, I'm reminded that the server is in fact in Orlando. I'm informed that Lash managed to get the place backed up before the power went, and I imagine it'll be back up before long. Assuming the building it's in is still standing and stuff.

Just thought I'd mention it for anyone who wasn't aware ;)

Thu, Aug. 5th, 2004, 05:37 pm
ogake: Coming of Age

It's been nearly a month since my last post on this Livejournal group, have been taking my own sweet time levelling. Now I'm level 85 and I'm prouder of my expanded friends list than my mobkill count :)

After so many hours playing, chatting, posting you finally reach a point where you begin to grok Aard and all it's complexity. It's not just the game mechanics (was just chatting with another player a while ago, we both agreed this mud has the best balanced classes we've ever found in years of mudding), but also the sheer spectrum of people who logon.

Some you can imagine as being bosom buddies, others you wouldn't want to even have coffee with or be in the same room for that matter. Aard is defined by it's differences as much as what it's players have in common, and it's the balancing of those differences that make this place so unique.

I've been in muds where by intention or accident, sizable minorities were alienated and the player base ended up the poorer for their absence. I've watched on the Aard mudboards how each new idea was dissected to death from a PK/non-PK standpoint, from race/class standpoints, from almost every viewpoint conceivable --- and somehow the process works.

It helps that the tendency is to expand options , not restrict them but if pressed to define what makes people stay on for years I couldn't even hazzard an answer.

And for those who've gotten the impression that I've regretted my first race/class choice in this mud, I've been mudding for years and this is the best fit I've ever gotten :)

Fri, Jun. 11th, 2004, 11:43 am
ogake: 25 and counting

Thought I'd record my critical milestones on the Aardwolf journal specifically for people new to the mud and who stumble upon it's livejournal site.

I've heard about the existence of unpleasant people on the mud but so far in 25 levels I haven't met a single one. I can't count the times I've woken from sleep in the Dominion rest area and found myself spelled up with gazillion spells without my even asking. My questions generally get answered on the channels sometimes to a depth I didn't expect.

No doubt once I join clan life I'll meet a few, PK has the potential of bringing out the worst in people who get carried away by it. I've been on muds where PK players were strictly segregated (and looked down upon) by the general population, sometimes even helping a PKer out in a mob area was strictly prohibited. I've also seen muds where life was a perpetual genocide, where newbies were cannon fodder.

I didn't like either system.

I think Aard has struck a nice balance with it's duelling and clan mechanisms and I have confidence that the whole thing will just get better.

Not a single regret starting out as a Wolfen Ranger, though I know come level 60 I'll start paying the price in WIS train points. The trick to getting new players to stay is to get them to stick around till level 25 and the Ranger's dual wield at this level (plus Flame Blade!) will make sure they'll be bopping around for a long time to come. Racial sneak and hunt has enabled me to accumulate quest points with less effort than most even in places with lots of aggro mobs.

Actually saw one Wolfen Cleric at level 162 who was obviously suffering, had "PUNISHED for LOUSY RACE/CLASS COMBO" in his title :) But he's invested so much time and effort into his char that he's still going.

I've also been trying out different Race/Class combos for the Paladin, my planned 2nd remort. I was very surprised that a Paladin Troll works out quite well, reminds me of David Weber's Bahzell(Troll Paladin) series. The racial bash skill gives an extra oomph to the initial 15 levels which, compared to Rangers, lacks in offensive power.

No Wars for me till my 1st remort when I'll go Thief. I've heard and read all sorts of horror stories about 1st class Rangers who get slaughted in matches.

Thu, Jun. 10th, 2004, 08:18 am
dagrrl: (no subject)

Just browsing through some of the older posts and thought I'd reply. I've been on Aard since August of 99 - making 5 years here soon - even though I just got back from a two year hiatus.

Glad to know I'm not the only one pathetic enough to go away and come back! ;)

Tue, Jun. 8th, 2004, 01:00 am
gimlei: (no subject)

Hey, everybody :) This is a quick announcement, even though it does not concern Aard directly, I thought it might be interesting and useful for us, mudders :)

There is a new community, mud_coding, which is created in order to help those coding a MUD, to discuss the arising problems, share snippets, etc.

Everybody is welcome to join and start posting, the sooner we can get it working, the more people we can have and more problems can be solved! :)

Thank you very much, and I'd also be very grateful if you could post this announcement to any mudding/coding related communities you belong to.

Thanks a lot,
gimlei aka Gimlei

Thu, May. 13th, 2004, 01:18 pm
ogake: First Day on Aard (repost)

12:11 pm - First Day
Resumed my Mudding again after nearly two years of inactivity, spent several hours running around as a newbie wolfen ranger on AardWolf. This Mud was a pleasant surprise, don't recall the last time I landed in a place where so much activity was going on. Having neglected to read *that* part of the newbie manual, i got flooded with what must have been 50 messages every few minutes from the default open channels before i figured out how to turn them off :)

Gave up on Zmud and got a better (free) mud client with automapping built-in, this one was specifically built for another mud but works just fine with AardWolf.

One of my first impressions was just how wide the scope of choices there are in this game. It's not just the 200+ levels a player character can go through but the way the races are so different yet balanced. It makes sense to me that the wolfen can naturally hunt ,have greatly extended senses and sneak. Makes for a great low-level scout for newbie parties whichever class route you go. Yet at the same time the fact that the mud isn't flooded with this race type shows that limiting factors are in play to keep the numbers in check.

The way PK is handled is the way I think it should be done, no dividing of players into PK and non-PK (which no matter how setup ends in a deeply divided community), no level limitations. Anyone can challenge and you can just opt to accept and the two of you can go off to a designated PK room and have it out. Short, simple and sweet with the minimum of intervention from the Imms.

The most memorable room , oddly enough, was the quietest. I walked into the Shrine of Remembrance read the poem and the names and stood there for a couple of minutes taking it in. I've read so much about AardWolf having a tightly knit community and being in that place I began to believe it.

I'm looking forward to (hopefully) spending several years here, it's very difficult to find a mud where the race/class/area interaction is to one's liking let alone, a friendly player base.

Was stuck for a time in the Rat's Lair trying to figure out how to open an (invisible) chest, popped the question on the newbie channel and was startled not only to get a couple of answer but somebody beside to help me in the next minute :)

Sun, Apr. 4th, 2004, 05:42 pm
mollyrayna: Something that occured to me...

I wonder if anyone who builds areas on Aard is also an architect or an urban planner in real life. I'm trying to imagine a school or an office building set up like, say, the Bard Clan hall. That'd be cool. :-)

Sat, Apr. 3rd, 2004, 01:11 pm
davena_hall: Hallo!

Hello, this is Wingspan from Aardwolf! I haven't been playing consistantly recently and have a tendency to chat on channels rather than level, so I'm only at second mort even though I've been in the game on this character for well nearly three years.

I'm relatively new to Livejournal as well; I just created this account last weekend.

Nice to meet you all!

Mon, Feb. 23rd, 2004, 03:21 pm
abdomen: Hello ladies!!

Having joined this community, I am now of course required by law to post a "hello world" message. So, hello! The decrepit old geezers of Aardwolf may remember me as an annoying newbie. The somewhat less decrepit old geezers may remember me as a lasertag freak and a Tanelorn leader. Anyone who started playing Aard within the last year or so probably has no idea who I am, but that is JUST PART OF THE MYSTERY.

And since I have nothing else to say, here is a random quote from my old Aard logs:
Lasher utters the words, 'invis'.
Keebler the baker slays Lasher in cold blood!
Lasher spills his guts all over the floor.
Lasher exclaims 'Keebler the baker tells you 'You know, casting invis on shopkeepers is really lame!'


Tue, Feb. 17th, 2004, 05:31 pm
kis: am bored! =p

well just wonderin :P how many of you have five years or more on aard and are still on it? I don't know if it's been posted before, probably :P just that my memory is rather short term, but yeah, no matter how I just cannot get back into aard the same way I was in a few years ago. I think it's cuz so many people went away. or well, blah :P

and yes this community seems to need some erh, postings. lick! :]

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