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Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004, 02:23 pm
xhiac: HEY

So there IS a LJ community out here. Ahahahaha.

I have been playing on and off Aard since Dec '98. I go by the character Hettar who started out as a Centaur Ranger. Origins of the name lie in David Eddings' beautifully written Belgariad series. Go read :)

Mudwise I'm part of the merry gang known as the Daoine Sidhe. Preparing to tier but the trappings of power are too attractive to give up at the moment. The phenomenon known as 'Real Life' will likely dictate that once I tier, I will probably remort within the next decade so I will continue to hoard gold and qps and scrupulously avert my eyes whenever there's double.

Otherwise I dream of the days when there's the quantum leap from MMORPGS to virtual reality ones, just like the jump from tabletop D&D to mudding to World of Warcraft :P

Aardwolf rules!


Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004 07:42 am (UTC)

I'm also a merry phae, together with the mad hettar!!!

Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004 07:52 am (UTC)

The world needs holodecks. But they'd be mankind's last invention. I know I'd die in one.

Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004 09:31 am (UTC)

Damn it Hetts, why aren't you playing WoW with us yet? Jerk. :p

Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004 12:41 pm (UTC)

Damned straight.

Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004 08:17 pm (UTC)

So you're addicted as well, eh? Where do you play? Sunset and I are both horde on Mal'Ganis.

Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004 08:26 pm (UTC)

Horde on Stormscale, both on Cenarion and Earthen.

Fri, Aug. 11th, 2006 05:52 am (UTC)

still wowing dude? i am.

Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004 12:40 pm (UTC)


Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004 12:42 pm (UTC)

I was once unseelie, but I've moved on. Arrr, Matie!

('tis DawnVisage, btw)

Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004 06:58 pm (UTC)

Dear god, how many of us are there in this group?

Thu, Aug. 10th, 2006 10:36 am (UTC)

Hey, I miss your ass!
... and the rest of you.

Thu, Aug. 10th, 2006 10:36 am (UTC)

^^^ Love, Mirrim

Fri, Aug. 11th, 2006 05:50 am (UTC)



will log back in sometime.


Skarn on Bonechewer Horde
Hett on Argent Dawn
a ton of random characters around.

Fri, Aug. 11th, 2006 05:54 am (UTC)

you made my day, btw.